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Key collaborators on the program include the Latin Chamber of Commerce and the Clark County Fire Department

Our point-of-service treatment emphasizes early intervention and preventive concepts. We are the only big provider of free immunizations in southern Nevada and view this as a major emphasis towards prevention. We are a part of several coalitions including the Southern Nevada Immunization Coalition and WIC Immunization Project. Our ability to go to a large variety of locations in at-risk communities minimizes transportation barriers. Financial barriers are minimized since all services we can provide are done free of charge to the patients. Our team is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual to minimize language and cultural barriers and our reputation for confidentiality and non-judgmental care has allowed us access to the homeless and other groups that are normally difficult to approach.

At this time, we are a small organization with a large impact. We are the third largest immunization provider in the south and had over 7,000 patient contacts in 2007. Our budget is the smallest of any health care organization in the state and our potential is primarily limited by our operating capital and budget. Increased funding support would allow us to increase the number of locations we can service. Funds would pay for 1 clinic per week with all overhead costs for equipment and supplies. We do not currently anticipate adding fixed locations but would instead increase the number of community mobile site visits. We measure our organizational success by the number of children seen and treated. The success of the larger community efforts will be measured by the overall improvements in childhood immunization rates. Our tabulations come from analyzing our medical records of patient visits. These are ongoing statistics that we regularly use to evaluate our efficiency and productivity and that will continue into the future. The evaluation of the care provided by the medical staff is provided during periodic assessments conducted by the Dean of Pediatrics at the Toruo Medical School.


Support and Collaboration

Advanced Technologies Academy 2008-2009 One Day Dental Program
Clark County Fire Department Palabra Viva Church
Community Coalition for Oral Health Southern Nevada Dental Association
Garth Brooks Foundation Southern Nevada Health District Immunization Program
Head Start Trinity Life Church
Latin Chamber of Commerce UMC Resource Center
Nevada Dental Association UN Medical School Pediatric Residency Program
Nevada Youth Alliance Western High School 2007-2008


Anthem Health Care Super Mercado Stores
Catholic Charities WIC Sunrise Children’s Foundation
Clark County Fire Department Telemundo TV
Clark County School District United Way
Culinary Union Urban League
Nevada VFC program Variety Day Home
Sanofi Pasteur Wal Mart stores
Southwest Medical Association Garth Brooks Foundation -Teammates for Kids

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