Our Mission

Helping Kids Clinic provides free health care to children that have barriers to access. The name of the organization adequately describes its mission, purpose and operational model. We provide health care, health education and immunization access to children without insurance or financial resources and eliminate access barriers by working in virtually any environment in southern Nevada where children are at-risk. We minimize administrative overhead in order to maximize effectiveness and return-on-investment. Our only employees have been our support staff. Providers are volunteers and as a result their work shows a high sense of mission and a very high return on investment.

Our History

The concept for Helping Kids was created in 1995-96 and evolved to take its present form and name in 2006. The medical team was originally formed under the name of Clinic On Wheels and the medical team separated from the administrative overhead in mid-2006 forming Helping Kids. The Board of Directors was organized in August, 2006 and first Helping Kids clinic occurred on September 17th, 2006.

Where We Operate

We provide medical care and immunizations throughout southern Nevada. Medical care is limited to children 18 or younger, including infants. We provide well-baby examination, physicals, some limited laboratory work, sick child clinics and some prescription services. As the third largest immunizer in the state, we provide all required childhood immunizations without charge to qualifying children. Our operational zip codes to date include, but are not limited to, the following: 89012, 89014, 89015, 89024, 89027, 89030, 89031, 89034, 89041, 89048, 89052, 89060, 89061, 89074, 89084, 89101, 89104, 89106, 89109, 89110, 89119, 89120, 89121, 89122, 89123, 89130, 89141, 89142, 89154, 89156.